Never Lost in Any Crowd

Stand out, for the experience of a lifetime

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New Year New You

Rock that look you don't dare to

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I am Spotlight

Light of aspiration, connection and positive vibration.

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Festival Wearable Tech

Breathable. Waterproof. Sound reactive. Made to Last.

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Inlighten Technology

We give you 10,000 reasons to hit the dance floor, these are just the start.

Divinity Mask
  • Full Spectrum

    Our line has up to 6 hours of a full spectrum coloured modes!

  • App Control

    Glow to your beats, with our unique music mode on the Inlighten App!

  • Rain or Shine

    With water resistant, breathable material you can truly lose yourself to the moment.

  • Sound Reactive

    This is the gear that hears and dances to music from environment and your iPod. 

Introducing #Inlighten Fiber Optic Clothing

Music, lights, energy; experiences, moments, friendship; pain, realizations, growth- At INLIGHTEN we are a bunch of curious human beings enjoy getting lost in music and lights JUST LIKE YOU!