He’s charging HOW much just to see him?

He’s charging HOW much just to see him?

Toronto has become synonymous for many things such as our diverse culture, our budding music scene with new artists taking the global stage as well as our extravagant nightlife! However, nothing stands out more than the city's relationship with Drake. Imagine having a girlfriend who will not stop bragging about you, kind of a strong example, but its very evident the city & the artist have very strong feelings for each other which is why whenever he brings his OVO Festival to his beautiful home city we are honoured, unless you’ve seen this year's ticket prices!

At Inlighten we know a thing about costly endeavours, we are constantly designing new styles of sound reactive light up apparel to fulfill the music festival needs, but damn Drake is really out here charging $500 for just lawn seats. Drake’s OVO Fest has become a staple of the Toronto summer event calendar bringing a stacked line up heavy hitters and this year is no different with the likes of Mario, Pretty Ricky, The Ying Yang Twins & Champagne Papi himself headlining the event taking place August 4th & 5th. Many of those who were there for the inaugural OVO Fest remember a time when lawn seats were only $40, but it seems this year Drake is taking full advantage of his on-screen time during the Raptors championship run.

Those who waited for hours in long queues were disappointed to find that either tickets had sold out or that they would be unable to afford them. Adding insult to injury, those who sought out resellers were faced with a 100% mark-up sending lawn seating into the $1000 range. Who was this done for? Was there really a necessity to increase the prices this drastically? We all know that over time things increase in value as well as pricing, but for a city that an artist brags about his strong ties to does this seem like a slap in the face that same fan base he constantly draws support from?

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