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Inlighten Co. Makes Glow-in-the-Dark Clothing for Festival-Goers

Party-lovers and festival attendees get their glow on – especially at night – thanks to Inlighten Co.’s fiber optic clothing technology.

Eddy Song knew he was onto something good (and original) when he attended Nuit Blanche 2016, Toronto's annual all-night arts festival that turns the entire downtown (and neighbourhoods beyond) into a de facto dusk-to-dawn art crawl. It’s one part mammoth art festival, one part humungous block party that brings thousands of Torontonians and visitors into the streets – after dark. 

Song chose Nuit Blanche to test his new wearable tech product for two reasons: Nuit Blanche is one of the most sociable festivals on Toronto’s entertainment calendar (which appeals to Song who is a self-professed extrovert) and it’s largely under the dark of night. Song’s goal that evening was to see how well he stood out in the darkened streetscape and how much attention he’d get. He succeeded – thanks to his glow-in-the-dark sleeveless pullover that was lit up with innovative fiber optic clothing technology that’s at the heart of his start-up, Inlighten Co.

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Photo credit Zlatko CetinicImages Made Real

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