Prepping for Osheaga 2019!

Prepping for Osheaga 2019!

With Osheaga only a few weeks away Montreal is gearing up for its biggest music festival of the year. With artists such as The Lumineers, Logic, Childish Gambino & City & Colour spread out over 3 days this year’s festival promises to be the best to date. With this in mind, it’s probably time we go over some show going etiquette that has seemed to be forgotten over the past few years. 

  1. Pick up your trash.

If this rule seems very straight forward... that's because it is. Respect the space where you are having your fun especially because the people that live within the surrounding can determine the future of events held within their proximity.

  1. Live in the moment, not your phone.

Now I know this one seems very strange, but you paid for the ticket. While taking pictures and videos is a huge part of the festival-going experience so is putting your phone down and immersing yourself in the entire experience.

  1. Plan your outfit accordingly.

While it's understandable that looking your absolute best is always a must when embarking to Osheaga please remember to be sensible about your attire. Festival-goers are in no way shape or form responsible for what happens to your outfit because you decided that wear a long dress & heels to an outdoor music festival (speaking from first-hand experience dealing with a person who actually thought that was the proper attire) nor should they be made to feel bad for poor judgment.

  1. Be courteous.

We know that a music festival is definitely far from a calm environment. Loud music, constant shouting from groups trying to find each other and the occasional lovers quarrel occurring because someone was caught staring at Katy Perry for too long (again speaking from a first-hand account on my way to get water). Remember that whether you're making your way out of a large crowd or just stepping through a long line everyone is there for the same reason. Having fun, enjoying the music & making the most of the weekend.

  1. Have fun.

In all the planning, organizing and trying to keep everyone in check a lot of people forget the reason they went was to have fun. It’s impossible to plan for every scenario, but the best thing to do is set up a meeting time, a location & a partner to each person. Let yourself get lost in the music, the vibes and enjoy yourself. After all, you need to have fun as well.

Stay safe

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