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Fiber Optic Hoodies Inlighten in the Club

When the rays go down, Inlighten Co beams in a ‘wolf pack’ With apparel like the Divinity Mask asking for eye contact and Prophecy Bomber in polychromatic warmth. You become eager to the muse and inventiveness behind the firelight threads. Eddy Song, The Founder of Inlighten Co, answered just that.

Where did the idea of Inlighten Co. derive from and who was the demographic you were interested in catering to at the time, was it always aimed to the ‘rave’ community? Inlighten was an idea I encountered back when I was very involved in the rave scene. I liked the freedom of speech and expression that was taken to a whole new level. People wore the loudest colors, the darkest fantasy and more of, comfortable sneakers because they need to dance. I appreciate the appreciation of each other and I wanted to give back to the society – something I know people would love. But it goes way beyond the rave community. I like technology and fashion, I sometimes I am disappointed to see that in the year 2017 people still wear the boring stuff, the stuff we have been wearing for centuries. 20 years ago, when I had my dream and fantasy for the year 2017, it looked a whole lot different. I think this technology is definitely a great gateway to lead to a lot of potential good looking and functional tech wearable products.

Would you recommend the apparel to individuals such as athletes that workout at night and or cyclists for obvious reflecting reasons? It is definitely in the pipeline. I always go up and chat with people who could potentially benefit from this technology and products and ask them for opinions. I run at night sometimes and I know for a fact with proper design and some new materials, this will make running and biking at night a safe enjoyment.

Inlighten in the Club

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