The Inlighten App (Available on iOS & Android)

Compatible with our Prophecy Bomber, Revival Hoodie, Promises Hoodie, Firefly Bra & Purity Clutch. Bluetooth technology gives you full control over colors, pulse modes & the response rate of your item.

One-Button Control Items

Our Divinity Mask & Momentum Tie are not compatible with the Inlighten app, but come with a very simple button attached to the battery in order to cycle through colors & pulse modes.


Inlighten items are lightweight & water-resistant made with a comfortable, breathable inner lining to give you the best comfort while showing off your true colors.

Inlighten items are completely customizable with 16 million color tones & multiple pulse modes to give you complete control over your items through the Inlighten app.

Inlighten items are sound reactive to make sure you can feel the music, literally. Using the Inlighten app to access the microphone on your device you can watch your favourite songs come to life with color changing responsive reaction.

All of our products come with a rechargeable battery & a USB charging cord.