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Level up your experience with Inlighten’s Season II collection with the Revival Hoodie, Promises Crop Top, and Firefly Bra. The most innovative fiber optic clothing technology available is here!

How It Works

Inlighten uses fiber optic technology in the form of light-emitting fabric interwoven with fiber optic thread. No larger than a human hair, fiber optic thread is very light and fully washable, yet capable of transmitting a full spectrum of colors along its length.

Fiber optics allow light to travel through without losing luminosity. They’re woven throughout Inlighten clothing so that the whole garment glows. When LED is used, only individual spots will light up.

Optic fibers are woven into the base fabric of the garment and connected to a battery-operated LED light module attached to the borders of the fabric.

Every Inlighten product comes with either a rechargeable USB battery (app controlled) or a battery and wireless remote combo. Average battery charge will lasts four to twelve hours depending on colour and temperature.

The second generation app comes with more advance functionality including full spectrum colour, timer, and brightens adjustment. It also contains 3 different modes to program flash, rotation and fade and 2 environmental modes for syncing to external and internal music.

The wireless remotes in generation one products allow you to choose from five different color combinations:  blue/green, green, blue, red and purple, and three different glow modes: pulse, rotation and freeze.

The Inlighten App

Our bluetooth-controlled app puts you in charge of the light show and gives you access to the full spectrum of colours and hues in your garment from the easy access of your smartphone. That’s right, you can access new features and modes from the palm of your hand, including regulating glow time and intensity, color control and a timer feature.

We are also literally changing the game with two NEW modes: Music Mode, in which colours glow to the beat of your phone’s music, and DJ Mode, in which colours glow to the beat of the surrounding music.

Movement-Friendly Fabric

With Season II, you can expect the same light, soft and durable material as Season I, but with the added benefit of brighter glow. Inlighten’s second generation of products are manufactured with the same level of quality and innovation that you would expect and include:

  • Breathable Material
  • Sound-sensitivity
  • Waterproof
  • Sport Fit
  • Secret Pocket for "Keys"
  • Long Battery Life
  • Durable Charging Cord

To download the Android App click Here.

To download the iPhone App click Here.